A Picture Perfect Family

Sparks from the Perrin-Church Family Anvil

Sparks from the Perrin-Church Family Anvil

I am pleased to have recently received a copy of “Sparks from the Perrin-Church Family Anvil” in the Grace Schmidt Room by J.E. Perrin. It tells the story of the family of Alexander A. Perrin (1877-1962), a well-known Kitchener photographer, and his wife Mary Priscilla “Lill” Church (1877-1932). Originally from the Merrickville and Smith Falls areas of Ontario, Alex and Lill moved to the United States where Alex learned the photography trade from his uncles and later operated a studio in Batesville, Indiana.  In 1909, they moved their young family to Berlin, where Alex operated another successful portrait and commercial photography studio. He had several studio locations, the most well known being, 155 Wellington Street North, Kitchener. Four of the Perrin’s eight children were born in Berlin/Kitchener. Alex was predeceased by his wife Lill in 1932 and later married Faye Kropf. He passed away on 20 December 1962.  His camera was donated to Doon Heritage Crossroads, now the Region of Waterloo Museum.

The book is filled with informal family photos, as well as formal portraiture. It is a rich record of the many recollections and memories of family gatherings, birthdays and events of a very photogenic family.  If  you are in the GSR, please be sure to stop by and have a look!


6 thoughts on “A Picture Perfect Family

  1. Meribeth Wood says:

    Alexander was my Grandfather so it is nice to see her is remembered. Are his things still on display in the Dune Pioneer VIllage? I would love to see a picture of that old camera he had…and some more pictures for that mater 🙂
    Thanks Meribeth Wood
    Daughter of Florence Eldora Perrin

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