My favourite GSR ‘stache’

Casper Braun, ca. 1884-1885 (P565 Waterloo Historical Society Collection)

Casper Braun, ca. 1884-1885 (P565 Waterloo Historical Society Collection)

In honour of Movember, the moustache celebrating campaign to raise awareness of men’s health issues in November, here is my favourite GSR ‘stache’.  It belongs to Casper Braun, a well-known Kitchener contractor.  The image was taken in sometime between 1884 and 1885 by George Seiler, a Berlin photographer, when Casper was about 20 years old. Born in Cincinnati Ohio on 22 June 1864, Casper moved to Berlin with his parents as a young child. He followed his father’s footsteps, entering the contracting business. Casper contributed to the development of much of Berlin’s turn of the century growth and building boom. Among his projects were St. Jerome’s College, St. Mary’s Church, Cluett and Peabody Co. factory, Dominion Tire (later Uniroyal) tire factory, King Edward and Suddaby schools, YMCA, the original Berlin Carnegie Library, Krug Furniture factory, Hibner (later Dominion Electrohome), Merchants Rubber factory, Preston Springs Hotel and many other local buildings, apartments and street blocks. He also served on town council and was a long time member of the Kitchener Water Commission. Casper Braun died on Saturday 13 March 1937, at the age of 73.


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