New Year’s Greetings from a Century Ago


P9991 New Year’s greeting postcard sent to Martha (Mrs. Ion) Eby, Berlin, postmarked 31 Dec 1913


Reverse of P9991 New Year’s Greeting postcard sent to Martha (Mrs. Ion) Eby, Berlin

In this day and age of e-cards, Facebook and Twitter, the elegance of the handwritten word and card is often forgotten. This century old New Year’s greeting postcard reminds me of the pleasure of receiving notes by post, the thrill of recognizing familiar handwriting and a short personal message.  This card was sent from Superior, Wisconsin, USA to Berlin, ON. The 31 December 1913 postmark lets us know that it was received just in time for New Years.

The recipient was Martha (nee Polzin) Eby, wife of Ion Eby.  The Ebys resided at 25 Bingeman Street, Berlin. According to Martha’s grave at Woodland Cemetery, she died in 1939.

The reverse of the postcard is rotated below for easier reading:

Reverse of P9991 postcard

Reverse of P9991 postcard

The card reads: Many thanks for the Xmas [gift]. We are all well. Love to all from all. Yours Lizzie.

Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.


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