Canadian Naturalization Records

Armenian Boys Farm, 1925

Armenian Boys’ Farm, Georgetown, ON 1925 – Immigration Branch, Library & Archives Canada, PA-147572

Researching an ancestor who came to Canada from 1915-1951 from a non-British Commonwealth country? You might find the Library and Archives Canada’s naturalization records database 1915-1951  of some help. While it is not a fully digitized database, references on the digitized lists can be used to request copies of naturalization records, which are held by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Happy Searching!


2 thoughts on “Canadian Naturalization Records

  1. Pat Gillard says:

    Hi Karen, Was thrilled to see your blog topic on the Armenian Boys at Georgetown. My father was one of the original 50 boys to arrive at Georgetown. There is little information available, though I did have some luck with the United Church of Canada. I will try the naturalization records again to see if there is anything new available!

    • Hi Pat,
      What a coincidence about your Dad being at Georgetown! I am glad to hear that the image made you smile. It’s from the Library and Archives Canada collection. I hope that you will be able find out more with the naturalization records database.

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