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The GSR is on the move again… into our final location!

GSR moving

The GSR is getting ready to move!

It’s official! – the Main Branch of the Kitchener Public Library will be closed on or about March 24, 2014 for approximately 2 months for the move into our newly renovated building.  The Grace Schmidt Room will not be open to the public during the Main Branch’s 2 months closure. While I’ll miss seeing our researchers, I’ll be busy with the move of the GSR into its final location.  The closure of the library will allow for the completion of renovations and removal of our temporary offices and work spaces.  I look forward to being reunited with the archival collection, which has been off-site since our move into the addition back in February 2013.

If you have information that you are seeking from the GSR during this time, you can email me, but I cannot guarantee a prompt reply as collections may become inaccessible due to the work being carried out and the move of furniture, equipment and people.  I’ll do my best to reply, but the move will take precedence as we are working to have the building open as soon as possible.

Our archival collections will be returning in stages, so we may not have everything back by the time of the Main Branch re-opening. If there is something specific that you are seeking, please email me after the re-opening so we can verify the item of interest is available.

Please note that the KPL Soldier Card Project will continue during the closure. We will be doing our best to get cards distributed for research and transcription.




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