Well, that was fast… the GSR is now packed away

Empty GSR

Empty GSR

What do they say? Something about best laid plans… As with any large move, there are always changes.  In the interests of organizing the shelving and move into the new GSR room, the movers and the move coordinators made the decision to box the reading room collection late this week.  As you can see, the shelving  was also removed.

The end result is that I no longer have access to the resources of the GSR, including the microfilms as the readers have been moved to a staging area.

If you have queries, please be aware that I may not be able to answer until after we re-open in our final location.  I do have a few Vernon’s directories tucked away for Solider Card research queries and have access to our online databases and the vertical files (for the time being).

It’s been an exciting time as the new GSR takes shape and the Library begins its transformation. I am sure that everyone will be amazed at the changes.  I’ll  post more photos as the work progresses.  Stay tuned!

Cheers, Karen


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