Welcome Back!

GSR entrance sign

Sign at entrance of GSR

Well, it’s now official!  The renovated Central Library is re-opening on Tuesday May 27, 2014 at 9:30am. The past two weeks have been bit of a blur as we shelved and shelf-read books, microfilm and vertical files.  The GSR was the last area completed  in the renovation project so our preparation time has been compressed.  My heart-felt thanks go out to Ingrid, Anne, Valerie and the Karens (there are a few of us!) for all their hard work in getting the room ready.  It could not have been done without them.  I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with such a great group of people.

As with any renovation or move, there are bumps along the way – some shelving is on back order and our archival collections will begin their return starting in June.  We are still cleaning shelving in the Archives after the installation of drywall – but all will be ready when we begin the unpacking of the archival collection.  A new digital microfilm scanner arrived on Thursday, so we are on a bit of a learning curve and are still trying to figure out how it all works.

Basically, in terms of the collection, we’ll continue to have our Phase 2 collection in the GSR – newspapers on microfilm only, MGSR and MRARE books, all of our vertical file collection, most photographs and maps, but no archival collection.

The archival collection will return in waves over the next couple of months.  We were anticipating that the return would start earlier, but construction, movers, furniture deliveries and installation, and the closure of Ahrens Street have pushed back our timelines.  I would ask that if you are waiting to see a particular collection that you contact me in advance so I can check to see  if it has been returned.  Until all has been returned, shelved and inventoried, we won’t have ready access to the boxes, files and items that you need.

To those who have emailed or called me recently, I will be in touch shortly.  I finally have a desk, computer and phone – a new home in the GSR! I am headed out to a conference on Wednesday for a couple of days – another time wrinkle that could not be avoided.

To our Soldier Card Project volunteers, thanks for your patience and understanding! The military books will stay at Grand River Stanley Park until next week.  We’ll restart the mailing of soldier cards for transcription and research as soon as we can.

Please do drop by to say ‘hello’. We have missed everyone.

Cheers, K.



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