Ernest Denton & Panoramic Photograpy

Denton Delayed

Ernest Denton

Ernest Denton – image from obituary in KW Record 11 Nov 1957

I wanted to let everyone know that my Denton update will be slightly delayed. Happily, I’ve recently made contact with a researcher in Manchester, who has very graciously provided some family information and we are in the process of confirming details, timelines and facts.  I hope to be able to post in mid-October with an update on Ernest Denton and his life in the UK.

If anyone has a photo of Ernest Denton, I’d love to hear from you! We do not have an image of Ernest in the collection, other than the image that appeared in the newspaper.

We are also interested in learning about Denton photographs that exist in the community. If you have a Denton (including Denton Brothers, Denton-Gifford , etc.) photograph (panoramic or otherwise), please drop me a line! We are not looking for donations (but if you are so inclined, we can talk!), but want to get a sense of the subject/title/description, size and date of the Denton that you have.  He was such a prolific photographer who documented Kitchener life that we’d like to set a sense of the history that he captured in our community.  There’s no obligation to share your name or address in connection to the image, but if you let us scan it for use in our collection, we’ll provide you with a copy of the digital scan as a thank you. Please contact me by email (using the Contact link below the blog title) or phone (519-743-0271, ext. 252) to arrange a time to bring in your Denton or to discuss the image to be included on our register. Please note that I’ll be away from the Library Sep 27-Oct 13, 2015.

Lastly, on the Denton front, Michel Labrecque and I will be presenting a session on Denton and his Panoramic Camera at the upcoming Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association annual conference. The conference will be held on 6-8 November 2015 at York University. I am looking forward to finally meeting Michel in person. I’ll be sure to post about our conference presentation.

Cheers, K.


4 thoughts on “Denton Delayed

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks Karen! It was great to finally meet Michel after all this time. The session went well too. We were busy talking about Denton and the camera that we forgot to take photos!
      Cheers, Karen

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