Valentine’s Day Greetings

Valentines postcard

P009646 KPL Valentine’s Day postcard 1914

In the sea of red hearts and flowers that Valentines Day has become, I came across this lovely postcard, postmarked 20 February 1914, in the KPL collection. It was sent to Minnetta Stolz,  likely of  Galt, by Irene Schieckoff of Heidelberg. The short verse, bluebirds, hearts and grapes provide a very romanticized idea of friendship and companionship.

Reverse side of P009646 Valentines postcard

Reverse of P009646 Valentine’s Day postcard, KPL collection

It appears as if the postcard was originally sent to Waterloo, but may have been forwarded onto Galt.  I have not been able to locate either Irene or Minnetta (who I suspect was known as Minnie) in my travels, but will keep an eye out for them and update everyone if they are found.

If you happen to know who the two correspondents are, please let me know!

The postcard can be found here in Our Digital World, the GSR’s online photograph collection.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers, Karen


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