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Labatt's Brewery, Waterloo, ON

SL000264 Labatt’s Brewery, King Street South, Waterloo, ON (KPL Collection)

As ION approaches the Allen station, you will pass by a quiet park and residence at the corner of King and William Streets in Waterloo. The calm and stately presence of the retirement home on the site now, however, gives little clue to its sudsy past.

Located at 155 King Street South in Waterloo, the Labatt brewery dated back to 1844, when David Kuntz, a cooper and brewer from Germany, began selling beer in the Town of Waterloo from a wheelbarrow. In the 1860s, he launched the Spring Brewery, using water from a spring on the King and William street property to brew his beer. Kuntz, a man of many talents and trades, was said to have also made the bricks for his brewery.

Over time, it eventually came to be called the Kuntz Brewery and David Kuntz was succeeded by his son Louis, in the 1870s, who renamed it L. Kuntz’s Park Brewery. In 1929, the brewery was acquired by entrepreneur, E.P. Taylor, under his Canadian Breweries group.  By 1936, it was known as the Carling-Kuntz Brewery. The name Kuntz was dropped during the Second World War – as it was seen as being too ‘German’.

The property also included a retail store which faced King Street, and a park with a fountain. A rail spur line also ran to the brewery. In 1977, Carling Breweries was purchased by Labatt Breweries of London. When Labatt announced the closure of the brewery in 1992, almost 200 jobs were lost.  The Waterloo plant was closed by mid-1993 and later demolished.

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