Soldier Information Card Project

Soldier Information Card Project Update

Private Ernest Keffer - World War I Soldier Card

Thanks for everyone’s response to the call for virtual volunteers for the Soldier Information Card Project.  We have been overwhelmed by the response and generous outpouring of help and support for the project.  Now that things are starting to roll, I’d like to keep you in the loop about what’s happening behind the scenes…

GSR staff are preparing the last set of Soldier Information Cards to be digitized. We’ve been finding that our work has slowed down considerably due to the need to sort World War II cards by type (single, double sided and multiple card sets), and to prepare the lists accordingly.

The cards are being sent out to a local company to be digitized. All World War I and II cards will be scanned by the end of the year or early January 2014.  Our goal is to have the World War I cards uploaded and available to the public by the end of August 2014 to commemorate the centennial of the start of the Great War.  Work on the World War II cards will proceed once the World War I cards have been uploaded and catalogued.

Once each scanned shipment of cards is returned to the Library, we are copying the scanned files to our servers for safekeeping. The original cards are being rehoused in acid-free folders and boxes too. Once all cards are scanned and safely stored, we’ll start the uploading of images to Our Digital World.  There’s lots to learn and do, so we are keeping busy!

Hopefully, all of our volunteers have received their first set of soldier cards to transcribe. There are close to 90 transcription volunteers to connect with, so please be patient as the files are being sent out over the coming weeks. I will be taking some time off between Christmas and New Year’s too – so turnaround time for file requests will be longer.

Soldier adoptions will be begin the week of 20 January 2014. Stay tuned for more information on this opportunity!